Hippocratic Oath

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The Hippocratic Oath was made by the father of medicine, Hippocrates. For over centuries, this oath has always been practice by the physicians worldwide. This is to create such respectable standards into medicine and healing. This oath is key elements of a physician’s belief and ideals towards his patients, practice and medicine in general. All physicians must commit such oath before beginning on their path on medicine as healers. In the past, the physician taking the oath is seemingly like swearing by his most scared beliefs to fulfil his duty. And if he were to ever break his oath, that would be blasphemous, he would be breaking his promise to the gods. This would lead to an everlasting unblessed and unprosperous living – as what Greeks believed. When it seems like Hippocratic Oath will forever be honoured, this too, have been evolving along with the people and the world; the “Modernized Hippocratic Oath” as they said. But with all its evolution, still it represents many of the main points of the ancient Hippocratic Oath. In particular, though additions of words such as “for criminal purpose” are the main purpose of the words of today’s Oath. Also, prohibitions of euthanasia and abortion have been omitted altogether, and the treatment of the relationships between student, teacher, and fellow physician has been greatly reduced. As mentioned, it is the same logic as it is with the authenticity of the Ancient Hippocratic Oath. For it still requires some promises and commitments such as, to transmit or teach the art of medicine to deserving persons; utilize good judgment to provide beneficial treatment for patients; abstain from providing any harmful or dangerous treatments; refrain from intervening in cases that require greater skill and training; remain pure and holy in the practice of the profession; limit involvement with patients solely to the benefit of the patient's health; give no...
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