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  • Published : February 18, 2013
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Part I| From the Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) perspective on HIPAA, contemplate the three basic areas which HIT professionals must be most concerned with are: (1) Privacy Rules (2) Security Rules, and

(3) Standardized transaction code sets| Write a paragraph on each of the 3 critical areas of HIPAA for a training session of your staff.  Explain what they are, why they are important and how they impact staff duties and the organization. | HIPAA Rules (1) Privacy Rules: involves federal protection of a person’s health information and guarantees a patient’s rights and to prevent healthcare fraud and abuse. This is important when it comes to identity theft with fraud health insurance, protects a person’s diagnosis and treatment, and all personal information. This also sorts out what information can be given to staff and third parties. (2) Security Rules: Mandated sets of rules that helps the loyalty of administration, physical, and technical information. It allows insured entities to look into policies to improve patient care. Security rules are important in the Electronic Health Record. Impacts staff in what they can access and what members and organizations that need to maintain correct information. (3) Standardized transaction code sets rules:| Part II| Leading experts in HIPAA implementation agree that the first step toward HIPAA compliance is to Inventory the organization’s data| Fill out the attached HIPAA inventory form for your organization.  List the various departments from where you have retrieved data. Indicate how the data will be used. | Department HIPAA Inventory (1) Health Information Management Services: a. Critical Issue b. Information use (2) Clinical Nursing Services: c. Critical Issue d. Information use (3) Credit Department: e. Critical Issue f. Information use| Part III| In a modern US hospital, the individual responsible for...
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