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1.) HIPAA was put in place to help set standards on protecting a patients personal health information, therefore HIPAA does affect a patient’s access to medical records. A patient can review or obtain a copy of their records by submitting, to the physician (covered entity), a request for such in writing or a medical release form. In which case the covered entity can release a “designated record set” of certain personal health information. There are some exceptions to what information may be released. If the provider believes that the information may cause harm to the patient then the request may be denied. If, for some or any reason, a written request is denied then the patient has the right to file a complaint or an appeal. There should be information given if a request is denied on this process. The covered entity has 30 days from the date the request was given to respond and may charge a minimal fee for preparation of these records.

2.)Even though HIPAA was put in place to set standards to protect the privacy of patients health information, there are certain circumstances where your health information may be used: 1. Decedents -funeral directors, coroner’s and medical examiners, to determine cause of death and for identity if needed. 2. Donation and transplant of organs, eyes and tissue. 3. Public health activities. 4. Victims of abuse, neglect or domestic violence. 5. Judicial and administrative proceedings. 6. Workers’ compensation. 7. Law


enforcement purposes. 8. Research. 9. Serious threat to...
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