Does Hippa Affect the Patients Access to Their Medical Records

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  • Published : March 6, 2011
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Law and Ethics in Medicine, HIT 105

Does HIPAA affect the patient’s access to his or her

medical records? Under what circumstances can personal health

information be used for purposes unrelated to

health care? Are there requirements for covered entities to have

written privacy policies? How will employees in the medical office have to be

trained regarding privacy? These are all questions I will be answering for you today.

First, of all HIPAA has no affect for access to their own medical records. However, it

does effect everyone else access to your medical records. No one is allowed to gain

access to your records without a signed HIPPA authorization from yourself. You can

retrieve your records by filling out a form, and you are allowed access to your

dependent children's records under the age of 18.

So you are allowed access to your medical records, but your spouse, lawyer, parents,

etc are not allowed, unless you have signed a HIPAA authorization.

There are twelve circumstances in which personal health information can be used for

purposes unrelated to health care. They are 1.Required by law, 2. Public health

activities, 3. Victims of abuse, 4.Health oversight activities, 5. Judicial and

Administrative proceedings, 6.Law enforcement purposes, 7. Decendents, 8.Cadaveric,

Organ, Eye, or Tissue donation, 9.Research, 10. Serious threat to health of safety, 11.

Essential government functions, and 12. Workers Compensation.

There are some requirements for covered entities to have a written privacy policy.

The first requirement states that the notice must describe the ways in which the covered

entity may use and disclose PHI. Another requirement is the notice must state the

covered entities duties to protect privacy, provide a notice for privacy practices, and abide

by the terms of the current notice. Also, the notice...
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