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My Ideal Spouse

Marriage is one of important things for many girls, and I also usually dreams about my prince charming.

As I was a senior high school student, I liked to watch Japanese idol dramas. In the Japanese idol drama, the leading man who looks handsome and his traits could appeal to girls. I dream that my lover who has traits as same as my favorite idol in the Japanese drama. My ideal lover’s eyes are single-edged eyelid, a tall nose and charming lips. In addition, he must has some characteristics, like a Christian personality and gets along well with me. It seems to me that those are good appearance to me.

I hope my lover is a Christian, who has the Christian personalities that I admire; such as optimistic, generous. In my opinion, Christians’ ideas are very different from unchristian people. When a Christians are in a predicament, they always look on the bright side and their solutions about to difficulties are positive. My lover who is an optimist, he will cheer me up as I encounter difficulties. We can pray to God and discuss problems with each other. Maybe our religious belief will let us share the same opinion. The second of Christian personalities is generous. My ideal spouse is generous toward everyone, and loves to help people. I like to attend public activities, so I hope my husband can join with me. As the proverb says, “No beauty is like the beauty of mind.” I think that people must have the generous mind, and this is more important than how handsome he looks like. On the other hand, it’s really horrible to a wife that her husband is crucial and has a bad mood. If my husband is unkind to me, our passion and love will fade away; even though the couple fight all the time. Each couple would like to have a family in harmony, and no one wants to get marry with that kind of man or woman.
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