Highschool Dropouts

Topics: High school, Education, Juvenile delinquency Pages: 3 (948 words) Published: April 23, 2013
Vanessa Siegning
Professor Dutterer
EGL 1010
March 19, 2013
High School Dropouts Going to school has always been seen as one of the most important occupations in our life. All categories of ages can go to school; kids, young people and even adults. School is defined as a place where people get an education. By going to school, people can acquire knowledge and skill that are not only important for the society but also for them. However, getting out of the educative system has become a big phenonem nowadays. It mostly affects students from high school. They usually get out of school without earning at least a High School Diploma. Isn’t too early for those young students to drop out of school? The answer is that sometimes, they have problems that make them get out of school. While dropping out of high school is due to problems such as the financial situation, the family circumstance faced by students, and their difficulty to get adapted to the school system, it also produces effects such as the limited access to jobs, the exposition to juvenile delinquency and the lack of education. The major cause that motivates students to get out of high school is the financial situation of their parents. Not all students come from a rich family. Because of a lack of money, some parents cannot afford their children’s need such as school supplies, transportation or nutrition. Regularly, they just have a low rate job or maybe they are on the status of unemployment. It becomes impossible to take care of their family and even themselves. Poverty is a better word to describe their financial situation. It’s automatically clear that a student who lives in such conditions will drop out of school and will try to find a job in order to get some money. Additionally, some students from high school have a lot of difficulties to get adapted to the school system. To provide a better education, schools are always established on a strict...
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