Higher Education Is Improtant

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  • Published : May 23, 2013
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Dr. Heather Allen (Friday, December 21, 2007)
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Julie McWilliams May 3, 2013
Higher education not only develops an individual but a society as whole. Higher education develops human beings professionally, morally and ethically. This enables people not to get diverted into bad deeds which makes the whole society a better conditions to live in. uniquely it teaches the students about the word means democracy and it enables teenagers to work in a democratic atmosphere with real ethics and self-confidence and also to be loyal towards the work.

William G. Bowen 2013
Higher education has not only develops an individual but has given a path to technology to develop in the world. With number of courses increasing online and students only incurring low cost and getting the education which everyone dreams of is a real success to technology as a whole. Education which is rapidly increasing within people has got a support of technology which gives it a new platform to rise and shine.

Nafeesah R. Abdullah[->0]
Jobs, this term in this era holds a lot of meaning in everyone’s life. Jobs are hard to find with a increasing competition in every field and best jobs are available for best and talented individual so to get the best you have to be the best, the satiation demands survival of the fittest. Higher education indeed helps us to get these goals as it is a necessity now by every recruiting company that a personal has to have a higher education then only they are applicable for jobs.

2000, The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education Higher education is no more an option now, it has changed the traditional thinking of elders especially parents who thought that schooling was just enough to live a good lifestyle for their kids. Now boys and girls as soon as they finish schooling are shown the doors of college and they are supported by their parents to take this new challenge in life which obviously makes them a better human being...