Persuasive Essay

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Claudiu Bota
November, 13 2005
Persuasive Essay

Looking at our society, where the technology changed every day, a college education is worth the time and money. Education is the best way to improve the society benefits and quality of life. It also will put forward a better understanding of the society and will open minds.

One of the many great things of earning a college education is providing many rewards which can last a lifetime. First, by going to college, students are able to get and keep a better job than those who do not have a college education. The more somebody studies in college, the more he or she will succeed in life. Because the world is changing rapidly, and many jobs use new technology, more jobs require education beyond the high school level. With a college education, a wider range of jobs are available, than without this education. In finding a job, education is one of the top priorities to the employer in order to decide whether a person can be hired. Furthermore, it is necessary for certain skill to perform some tasks. This is a significant reason why people go to college, so they can obtain the skills and abilities, which they are going to need in the future.

Second, people who have received a college education are more likely to earn more money than those who have just high school education. It’s obvious to see how an education determines how much money a person can make. It is always minimal to at least have a high school degree in order to have a reasonable job, but a college degree is always the best education and will guarantee a much better life.

Education is one of the most important tools for a society; therefore, society benefits from college educated citizens. A better educated society will bring a better quality of life. Those with college degrees usually contribute to their communities in various ways such as, work for free as voluntary, voting, and participating in local politics. Many employers throughout our society...
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