High School Versus College

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High School Versus College
A good education is an important part of one’s life. To achieve a good education, one should attend both high school and college. Although some people think high school has a lot in common with college, I find them to be very different. After graduating from high school I enrolled into college and noticed that there are many differences between them. A few of these differences include the attitude and responsibilities of the teachers and students and the amount of work given to the students. In high school, each day I proceeded from one class directly to another, spending 6 hours each day--30 hours a week--in class and in College I often have hours between classes; class times vary throughout the day and evening and I spend only 12 to 16 hours each week in class. Most of my classes were arranged for me in high school but I’m able arrange my own schedule in consultation with my counselor in College. Schedules tend to look lighter than they really are. In high school most teachers would let me turn in my homework late if I gave them an excuse such as, "I forgot it at home" or "It's in my locker." In college if I gave my professor one of these excuses they would say, "Too bad." There are also a lot more tests in high school. Usually, there is a test every week or two. Although there are more tests, the work is not as hard. Most of the time I would read out loud in class or go over every point of the homework so that there is no question of what I had to do. Teachers in college for the most part don't really care whether or not I’m in class. All it means is that if I am not there, I am going to get a failing grade if it happens too often. Missing too many classes would cause the teacher to withdraw me from the class, resulting in a failing grade. If I do it the smart way I would withdraw from the class myself because then it would have no negative effect on my overall G.P.A. In high school the teachers were always on me about attendance....
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