Causes of Failure in College

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Are there noticeable trends to why students fail or succeed in college? Who is responsible for those failures and successes? Dr. Robert Pitcher of the Educational Development Center at the University of Alabama has developed what he believes are the 10 primary causes of failure of students in college (Pitcher, 2012). I believe that those 10 causes of failure can really be summed up to making wrong or inappropriate choices and refusing to take personal responsibility in your success in college. In this paper, I will touch on a few of Dr. Pitcher’s causes of failure in how I believe they relate to personal responsibility and how I had to change my attitude in implementing my own personal plan of college success. Failing To Commit Enough Time To Homework

Dr. Pitcher believes that one of the primary reasons students fail in college is failing to understand the amount of work required (Pitcher, 2012). Students who may have been in the past exceptional students whether in high school or at another college may have a shell-shock experience when entering college for the first time or transferring schools. They may have unreasonable expectations in the amount of time they need to dedicate to doing homework, reviewing notes and preparing for exams. Scholars say that you should on average dedicate two hours for each hour you spend in a class room. That means if you spend four hours in a classroom each week you should be spending minimally 8 hours outside of the classroom to guarantee success. However, that is on average; if you are struggling in that class or if the work requires that amount could easily double or trip. If students, fail to dedicate that time from the start of their academic career they may find themselves overwhelmed as classes’ progress and become more difficult. I have many times found myself in that trap of thinking that I did not need to put in the recommended time and effort into a class. I would put off doing my homework for my classes until the last minute and then find myself overwhelmed with the amount of work that was really involved. If I had planned to handle each assignment in manageable segments on a nightly basis I would have been able to finish each assignment to my full potential and not felt overwhelmed. Failing To Make Education A Priority

“Actions reveal true values and reflect where students really put education in their personal scheme of things. While social activities are important, mature students will put academics before other activities.” (Pitcher, 2012, par. 3) It is easy to get caught up in other things if you let them. As an older student it is easy to allow work obligations, family or life pressures to take precedent over school. I think that one has to really be honest with themselves on whether it is the right time in their life to go to school, whether for the first time or as a returning student. Ask yourself can you dedicate the time needed to be successful in school? Can you put school ahead of working overtime for work, spending extra hours with the kids, going out with the buddies or family a couple nights a week? Will you be experiencing major life changes that will impede on you being able to concentrate on your studies? Do you really want to be in school or are you doing it for someone else? If you cannot answer yes to those questions, then maybe going to college may not be right for you or right for you at the present time. I left school several years ago because I fell into this trap; school was not the most important activity in my life. I let the other activities in my life take a higher importance and my school suffered. I left school telling myself I needed to take some time off to re-focus and to go back when I could make school the priority it had to be. It took several years for me to get back to college; every time I considered going back I allowed something else to take precedence and hold me back. Finally, when I had enough of working...
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