High School Graduation Day

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High School Graduation Day

Many people have experienced the over whelming excitement that you feel as you approach high school graduation day, and for me, that’s a day that I will never forget. The amount of emotions that you feel on graduation day is unbelievable, and I have yet to experience anything else like it. I can remember feeling anxious to celebrate the big day with my friends and family, while at the same time I was panicking thinking about having to walk across the stage in front of that many people. Then, the more I thought about the reality of graduation day, I started to get curious, but nervous, about being able to start a new chapter in my life once graduation day had passed. There are several reasons why I, still to this day, consider high school graduation day one of the most exciting days of my life. As exciting as it was to finally graduate high school, I still had some mixed emotions about it. When they called my name, I walked to the side of the stage, where I had to wait in a short line before actually crossing the stage. I couldn’t wait to get that diploma in my hand, but I really thought I was going to have a panic attack on the side of the stage before that happened. I finally made it up onto the stage I shook the principles hand one last time as he handed me my diploma, and made it back off the stage without anything embarrassing happening. When I sat back down I felt relief that I had gotten that part over with, and could enjoy the remainder of the graduation. When the graduation ceremony came to an end, I rushed to the auditorium to celebrate with all of my friends and family. I couldn’t believe how many people came to celebrate our graduation day with us. I knew my friends immediate families, but I got to meet everyone’s extended families, and hear stories about them that I will never forget. Then I took what felt like a million pictures, and hugged everyone I knew, and headed off to my graduation party to continue...
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