High-Performance Teams

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  • Published : February 3, 2013
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High Performance Teams
Cheryl McCollister
HCA 375 Continuous Monitoring & Accreditation
Instructor Jennie Kinsey
January 20, 2013

High- Performance Teams
Sometimes when having a surgery in the hospital, things can go wrong. Normally, as a team a surgery nurse will make sure that the right body part is marked, but we are all human and human is to error. When an error is made and the wrong body part was operated on, then the high-performance teams take over and try to figure out what happened for this to have taken place. What this paper is going to look at is the high-performance teams and what they do when something like this happens.

If something like this happened to me or a loved one, I would want a high-performance team that would have the characteristics of an excellent manager of the team. Secondly, I would want a team that has the following characters “(1)that has common focus, including a clear mission (purpose), vision (picture of success), goals, action plans, and success measures(2) has clearly defined roles and responsibilities for team members, (3) that the members have clearly defined expections of one another, (4) utilizes all its sources, both within the team and externally, (5) that the members value their diversity and deal with differences in a healthy and productive way, (6) that the members are able to effectively give, receive, and solicit feedback, (7) and the team manages meeting efficiently and effectively”. (Carla, Blinn, pg.56)

“Conflict can exist between factions or groups within a team, with a leader or manager, and with other teams of departments within a company.” (Greenhalgh, Leonard pgs. 45-51) “Some types of conflict that a team can face (1) conflict can arise between factions or groups within a team—subgroups, or factions, can develop within a team”. (Greenhalgh ,Leonard pgs, 45-51 Pg. 3) Each individual has their own opnion so there is bound to be disagreements on any subject. “Team member can disagree...
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