High Development Across the World in Bed & Bath Furnishing Market

Topics: Interior design, Furniture, Decorative arts Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: October 19, 2011
High Development Across the World in Bed & Bath Furnishing Market

Author: Rk Oberoi

Bed & bath furnishings are required by everyone and with the globalization the demand for all types of trendy & stylish bed and bath furnishings has further aggravated. Youth of today wants everything very fashionable & in sync with each other. So, gone are the days when our mothers used to buy the bed & bath furnishings in bulk without noticing its color & designs. This change in the mind set has led to the tremendous growth in the world of bed & bath furnishing market across the world. If we talk about the home textile, the Global market size is close to US $ 70 billion with the consistent growth of 5%. US is the world's biggest market having a share of US $ 18 billion that is followed by European Union that stands at US $ 15 billion. The combined figure for Indian textile & clothing industry is US $ 36 billion and around US $ 12 comes from Indian export arena. So these figures give us an idea that how big this textile sector is. Now if we check the global home textiles market consumption then it stands at US $ 105 billion and it is expected to show the 15% growth per annum. Now under bath furnishings consumer check for shower curtains, bath mats, hand towels, bath robes, bath rugs, bath towels & face towels. Wherein bedroom furnishings have throws, quilt covers, blanket covers, bed covers, pillow covers, bed sheets, cushion covers, duvet covers & bed spreads. These days generally bathroom are attached with the bedroom so one really needs to care for all these items if looking for the perfect home decoration. In this color, designs, fabrics, thread count, softness of fabric etc are checked. Consumer today is totally aware of these things are thus looks for quality. Manufacturers with number also give quality. Fashion changes everyday and with this people pick up different furnishings to decorate their homes. Some  people are so conscious that they change their home...
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