Herman Miller Recommedation

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  • Published : April 25, 2013
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Herman miller long run recommendation
For long term we regard that Herman miller need to continue the innovation strategy coz Herman miller have the outstanding team to renew and reinvent itself to adapt the changing market. First of all, Herman miller needs to design a new series for Asian people, coz as we all know HM’s products is famous for ergonomic chair that is design for human body, but the fact is the shape of Asian people is different from Western people, for example the average height and weight so they may need to develop the products to make those more suitable for Asian people. So they may use this new product to explore the Asian pacific market. Second another series could be design for teenagers. It is the fact that a deformity of the back in human beings caused by an abnormal convex curvature of the upper spine, and this always appear among the young people, coz sitting position is quite important during the period so the youth also need to be considered as the developing target costumers in long run. The third one is Herman Miller also need thinking about to change their products’ style to more diversify, for example they can create more colors and design the style that suitable to the working place and also matched in home. It means that Herman Miller also explore it market not only focusing on the business level but also the domestic area. The second recommendation for long run is also brand-building strategy to occupy most market in China. First we recommend that Herman Miller need to open more flagship stores, as we mention before when Herman miller decided to start their business in China, his choose dealers to sale his products but we believe by this method cannot build the brand reputation efficiency, so we recommend Herman miller can open more flagship stores not only to advertise their company directly but also can provide the excellent service to their customers and also can solve the after-sale service because they care their...