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Technical Manual


Technical Manual Heritage was prepared by the Future City Group of The City of Newcastle.

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Technical Manual

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.
Heritage Conservation Principles References Cooks Hill Conservation Area The Hill Conservation Area Newcastle East Conservation Area Hamilton South Design Guidelines Appendix A – Appendix B Appendix C – Hamilton South Statement of Heritage Significance and Significant Elements Architectural Styles Assessment and Inventory 1 1 1 2 4 6 8 18

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Technical Manual

1. Heritage
This Manual: Supplements Section 5.07 of the Newcastle DCP 2012 by providing detailed technical information to assist in the assessment of development applications within Heritage Conservation Areas. Describes the heritage significance of each of the Heritage Conservation Areas as a guide to why each area is culturally important. Identifies the physical elements that contribute to each area’s distinctive identity and sense of place. Provides best practice guidelines to assist applicants in designing development proposals that are sympathetic to the heritage significance of the conservation areas.

2. Conservation Principles
The special qualities of the Hamilton South ‘Garden Suburb’, Cooks Hill, The Hill and Newcastle East Conservation Areas have been recognised and protected for some time. The character and heritage significance of these areas and their related precincts is illustrated in this Technical Manual. In order that the special qualities of the areas can be appropriately managed and conserved it is necessary to assess the impact of any proposed changes to buildings or landscaping which would alter the area’s appearance or significant values. The provisions of this Technical Manual and related elements of the Consolidated DCP are not intended to hinder development, but rather to ensure that appropriate consideration is given to the potential impact of each proposal as it relates to its site and locality.

Architectural Styles
Illustrated style keys are shown in (Appendix C) for the following styles: Victorian Georgian, Regency, Filigree, Italianate, Classical Free Federation Queen Ann, Arts and Crafts, Style, Filigree, Free classical Inter-War California Bungalow Functionalist, Arts and Crafts Post War Bungalow, Late Twentieth Century International

3. References
Hamilton South East Conservation Area Study, 1986, Meredith Walker & Associates for NCC Hamilton South East Conservation Area; Review of Boundaries, 1996, Meredith Walker & Associates for NCC Garden Suburb Hamilton Newcastle; A Study of the Southern Area: Report to Newcastle City Council, 1997, Meredith Walker & Ass. for NCC Conservation Areas: Guidelines for Managing Change in Heritage Conservation Areas, 1996, NSW Heritage Office & DUAP. Heritage Assessment Report for Parkway Avenue, April 2003, Colin Brady Architecture + Planning and Warwick Mayne-Wilson & Associates



Technical Manual

NSW Heritage Manual, 1997 and updates, NSW Heritage Office and Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources. Conservation Area Guidelines for Inner Newcastle 1996 Godden Mackay Heritage Consultants Infill Guidelines 2004 Royal Australian Institute of Architects Identifying Australian Architecture Apperly, Irving and Reynolds

4. Cooks Hill Conservation Area...
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