Refugee Programming

Topics: Refugee, Water pollution, Water Pages: 24 (6621 words) Published: February 5, 2013
University of san carlos –technological center|
Planning and Programming|
Advisers:Arch’t. Lara Arch’t. Solis Arch’t. Valenzona| Members:Chan, Keith Omandam, Jonathan Tan, William Wilbur Jan C.| 1/30/2013|

Terra-Munus is a proposed refugee community in Leyte to prepare the people for whatever the calamities may come to the island. It will be a settlement built to house the misfortunate people who are hit by various calamities like wars, natural disasters, famine and the disabled. Here they are provided with basic requirements like food, medicine, shelter and sanitation.|

Chapter 1: The Users2
User Profile4
Adolescent Girls4
People with Disabilities5
Children and Youth6
Appropriate activities for young refugees7
Below 1 year7
1 to 4 years7
5 to 10 years7
Chapter 2: Planning and Zoning Considerations9
Health Facilities12
Specific Areas for Design Consideration.14
Land Availability14
Drainage and Site Topography14
Open Space15
Environmental Considerations15
Climatic conditions16
Soil and Ground Cover16
Living Areas16
Physical Layout16
Centralized Services17
Shelter Options18
Cultural Requirements18
Central Community Areas19
Medical Area20
Electrical Supply and Distribution20
Water Supply and Distribution21
Water Sources21
Waste Management22
Gray Water22
Garbage and Trash22
Toilet “Concentrated” Waste22
Adequate Surface Drainage23
Camp Security23
Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention23
Fire Alarms24
Fire Suppression24
Refugee Traffic24
Traffic within the Camp24
Roads and Pathways25
Administration area25
Food Storage25
Water Treatment and Storage26
Primary and Emergency Power Generation26
Parking and Access Roads26
Medical Facility27
Chapter 3: Space Programming28
Chapter 4: Space Diagram & Matrix31

Chapter 1: The Users
Land area = 50,000 sq. meters

Land per person = 15 sq. meters

The minimum space recommended for a refugee camp in United Nation Higher Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) standards is 30 sq. meters per person. However, the researchers adjusted the area per person to 15 square meters due to the limited space and as much as possible maximize the area for a large number of residence. Below is a portion of the UNHCR standards (UNHCR, 1982): Table 1 Some Quantified Norms for Site Planning based from UNCHR Area available per person                                     30 m2Shelter space per person                                     3.5 m2Number of people per water point                         250                             250Number of people per latrine                                 20Distance to water-point                                        15 m max.Distance to latrine                                               30 mDistance between water-point and latrine              100 mFirebreaks                                                           75 m every 300 mDistance between two shelters                              2 m min.|

Population = land area (sq. meters) / land per person (sq. meters) = 50,000 sq. meters / 15 sq. meters

= 3,333.33 persons
The proposed lot area of the refugee camp is approximately 5 hectares which can cater a minimum population of 3,000 persons and a maximum of 5,000 persons if the buildings will go higher. The design will be very dependent on the user lifestyle. However, not to be bias, it is most likely that people displaced will be from the bracket of low to middle income families since the higher income families will be able to afford to relocate themselves to other urbanized areas. User Profile

“DAYS after Sendong left our country, hundreds of timbers were found along the beaches and river banks of...
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