Henry Rollins

Topics: Black Flag, Henry Rollins, Rollins Band Pages: 1 (342 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Henry Rollins
Henry Lawrence Garfield known as a Henry rollins is a person I would like to give you a closer look on. Probably and unfortunately this name is not familiar for you , but In world od art he is a valuable and famous person. So to begin with I will tell you some information about who he realy is. Henry Rollins is an American spoken word artist,writer,journalist,comedian,Publisher,actor,activist and musician. So as you can see he is a very busy person with a great potencial and also sense of humor. Let´s talk about his participating in music history. Henry was a lead singer of couple succesful bands such as my favourite one, Black flag and than the Rollins Band which are both great hardcore punk bands. If i had to describe this music i would tell i can feel the pure energy ,the fresh sweat from people jumping like mad and punching the air above them with their fists, so that is what i feel a bit of agresivity too of course and in some songs a bit of depression.I think it is a great experience for everyone who likes this genre of music. About his personal life i can tell you i know he had a hard childhood because his parents divorced when he was only 2 years old. He is single because he is picking up girlfriend very carefuly despite he is a good looking muscular and smart person he couldn´t stand a woman which doesn´t seem to be inteligent and so maybe this is a reason why he is almost 50 years old and still single, so maybe one day he is going to find his dreamed soulmate. To sumu p for me Henry Rollins is a great life Icon and I will continue in listening to his music and reading his books whick I absolutely recomend for everyone, One day I hope I´ll get lucky and maybe i could talk to him and get his autogram.
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