When America Was Rocked: September 9, 1956

Topics: Elvis Presley, Rock and roll, Rock music Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: November 30, 2011
Driving crowds wild with just the curling of his lip, Elvis Presley had led post-war era America into a rock and roll movement that would layer transform American culture forever. Elvis Presley was thought of as the Trojan horse of the new youth culture. He was fresh and new, and soon became a pivotal figure in rock history. Elvis had spontaneously changed people’s way of thinking, and because of his free spirited mentality we have the music and also, the desire for individuality and independence we have today.

Generations who had lived through the Depression and the WWII eras were all worn out. After all the pandemonium that went on, these people (who were mostly elders) just wanted to feel safe, they wanted conformity. They had already had enough with the wars, the changes; at this point they were both frightened and scarred.

On the contrary, youths were seeking to have fun; they were far more accepting about change, and in fact they encouraged it. They wanted the spontaneous life style Elvis Presley would soon influence. In contrast with the elders, the kids wanted to start a revolution.

When Rock ‘n’ Roll entered pop culture and Elvis began to shine, people began noticing different mentalities amongst themselves. No longer did they feel like they had to be sheltered and scared of the world. Elvis gave everyone a sense of relief, his music allowed the people to loose themselves, to let go of all the unnecessary worries that often pondered their minds. Elvis made it possible for the younger generation to break free of the conformity that was forced upon them by their weary scarred elders. Letting the youth know that it was okay to be different from their parents and family, encouraging them to express themselves, which was something they had never really had a chance to do. Elvis set the future of America free.

Elvis Presley wasn’t just a singer. He also crossed over into television and movies, where he was equally as successful. Elvis did more than...
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