Henry Fayol's Weakness

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His works named �The Principles of Scientific Management� was published in the early 1900s. In the initial stage, Taylor was being affected by some moral principles; therefore, he had a profound respect for the following principles: • Brought up scientific working methods for basic formative section of each staff�s job. • Scientifically selected, trained, fostered and cultivated the workers. • Cooperated with staffs enthusiastically so that ensuring jobs done are suitable to scientific theory which has been set forth. • Basically actualized equal division of labor between jobs and responsibilities of the managements and the workers. • All work processes should be systematically analyzed and broke down into specialized discrete tasks. • Payment depended on piecework basis which taken as an incentive to maximize productivity and produce high wages for the workers. At the same time, his insufficient understanding towards organizational behavior gave rise to the following situations: • Changed worker role into that was required to strictly abide by methods and procedures of affairs on which they had no discretions. • Fragmentation of work due to its emphasis on the analysis and organization of individual tasks and operation, • His thought over payment that was mainly reliance on output performance rather than giving remuneration to workers in accordance with overall performance of the workers�. • His inclination to consider planning and control of workforce activities which were only in the managements� hands rather than allowing staffs to involve. • Every job which was measured, timed, and rated.

• Occurrence of boredom stemmed from repetitive jobs and tight management control. • Poor understanding between grass-roots workers and managements. Henri Fayol
Fayol is the representative of Classical School of management thought. Administrative management is the managerial mode he stood for where it applied essential...
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