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Topics: Poetry, Syllable, Moon Pages: 3 (940 words) Published: December 22, 2011
In the poem “Silver” Walter de la Mare uses many common literary devices to stimulate the reader's imagination and create imagery making this poem an enjoyable reading. “Silver” is a poem that demonstrates the coming of night time, and what everything becomes when the moon goes up. These affects are shown through imagery. Throughout the poem Walter de la Mare uses many sound devices such as the assonance of the "s" to exemplify the mood and give it a mysterious and deep feeling. He also uses things such as allusion of the moon which is very similar the story about King Midas who turned everything into gold, in this poem the moon represents King Midas turning everything into silver. Such devices and techniques that the author uses give the poem its life and initial impact on the reader making it a classic literary poem.

In the "Silver" the speaker is talking in first person. The speaker is bewildered as they witness the personified moon changing everything into silver. The speaker watches as not only does the moon shine its light on everything in the night, but also evolves the essence of nature and shrouds it in a blanket of gleaming silver changing its appearance. The line “silver reeds in a sliver stream” shows this silver effect of the moon. This particular line is also an example of the assonance of the "s" sound the author uses to create a mystical and lonely mood for the reader that captivates their imagination. The poem's rhyme scheme is AABB CCDD EEFFGG, this poem is also very similar to a haiku because it is like an extended haiku talking about nature, and also uses a pattern of syllables. Stanza one’s syllable count is eight, eight, eight, eight, seven, nine, eight, eight, ten. Stanza two’s syllable count is nine, nine, nine, nine, nine. The syllable pattern contributes to the rhyme and rhythm of the Silver. When reading the poem it is an unstressed, stressed manner, and every sentence in the first stanza ends stressed. Every line in stanza two ends...
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