Helen Keller

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  • Published: May 10, 2013
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Helen Keller
Her life and legacy

"While they were saying among themselves it cannot be done, it was done." -Helen Keller

Hailan El-Naas
Grade 9A April 28, 2013

Table of Contents

1. Outline 1 2. Introduction 2 3. Helen Keller’s Early Life 3 4. Learning to Communicate 4 5. A New Life with Communication 5 6. Keller’s Accomplishments and Achievements 6 7. Helen Keller’s Impact and Legacy 7 8. Helen Keller’s Famous Quotes 8 9. Conclusion 9 10. Bibliography and References 10

I. Helen Keller’s Early Life
A. Born in Tuscumbia, Alabama.
B. Her illness at a young age.
C. Overcoming her disabilities.
D. Finding a solution to her problem.

II. Learning to Communicate
A. Anne Sullivan, her teacher.
B. Learning words.
C. Perkins Institution for the blind.
D. Reading and writing in Braille.

III. A New Life with Communication
A. A formal education.
B. Horace Mann School and Cambridge School for Young Ladies. C. New methods of communication.
D. Meeting famous people.

IV. Keller’s Accomplishments and Achievements
A. The Theodore Roosevelt Distinguished Service Medal.
B. The Presidential Medal of Freedom.
C. Election to the Women’s Hall of Fame....
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