Heinz Marketing Plan

Topics: Condiment, Ketchup, H. J. Heinz Company Pages: 2 (466 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Heinz Marketing Plan

Heinz brand is trusted worldwide, has earned a reputation for quality, nutrition, innovation and value. Heinz has shown significant in marketing and productivity for 2013 to drive a continued excellent performance. The main strategy behind Heinz product strategy has been to streamline their product offering. In order to offer better quality products, Heinz decided to categorise their items. All there products now fall under three major brands; Sauces, Ketchup, Baby foods and Convenience meals. Predominant focus is on driving continued global growth in Ketchup and sauces, largest core category with sales of $5 billion. Heinz recognises that consumers due to the economic recession have become more disciplined and frugal resulting in the launch of smaller packaging with a more affordable price points-new 10 ounce Heinz Ketchup pouch and other Heinz condiments retailed at $1 in the U.S. Heinz sees packaging innovation as a key aspect to global growth in Ketchup and Sauces. It will launch the fully-recyclable PlantBottle packaging in partnership with Coco-cola and is expanding its Dip and Squeeze Ketchup globally, a dual-function foodservice package, which sold more than 1 billion in the U.S last year. .Heinz is determined to take its iconic mature brand to new geographies, for instance the acquisition of Quero, a leading brand of tomato sauces and Ketchup has provided a strong growth platform in the Brazilian market. It recognises if they are to compete in sauces they need to focus on the applicability of its brand, to make sure that the product suits its culture. The dominant condiment in sold in China is soy sauce, acquisition of Foodstar expanded Heinz presence in China’s rapidly growing $4 billion soy sauce market, while providing a growth platform for Ketchup. Beyond Ketchup and Sauces, Heinz continues to extend Infant/Nutrition and Meals and Snacks business. Heinz will target new clientele for these product offerings. It will place...
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