Kfc Leadership

KFC, Purchasing power parity, SWOT analysis

1. Executive Summary.

KFC made a plan to launch a chain of their restaurants, they made a marketing plan while analysising opportunities and risks of the market and understanding Muslim society. For example in the Middle East Number of internal and external and marketing analysis was carried out looking into marketing mix how they have launched their restaurant with some extra local recipes one of them is, Arabian Rice. The way in which KFC made a markerting plan and implemented it will be analysed in this report.

How they make a marketing plan and implement it will be analysed in this report. 2. Introduction:
KFC is the based in USA it is the world’s most popular fried chicken restaurant chain. KFC serves 12 million customers every day in the 109 countries in the world. Its revenue in 2008 was $11 billion and the company is ranked 239 in fortune list of companies (KFC.com, 2010). KFC is adaptating the local culture in the different countries. This report will show its marketing plan of different Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia with respect to culture. And marketing mix of 7, Ps and how they introduced a product ‘Arabian Rice’ in the countries. KFC is owned by the company YUM Inc. Which is USA based company and it has number of franchises and subsidiaries of KFC which works in different countries by adapting the local culture and in the Middle East they are marketing in the same way. 3. Mission:

In this marketing planning report of KFC, KFC has launched its restaurants in Saudi Arabia and how they would adapt the local culture; one product which is quite different than other countries is Arabian Rice, which is spicy rice with fried chicken. 4. Standardisation Vs Adaptation

Either Standardization or Adaptation can create a competitive advantage for a multinational company competing in different cultural markets. Standardization is defined as the strategy of following a single criterion for a certain product, and on the other hand,...
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