Marketting Plan of Maggi Ketchup

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Nestlé Bangladesh Limited is a leading Food company with lots of global strategic brands operating in Bangladesh. MAGGI is one of the strategic brands of Nestlé Bangladesh Limited. Worldwide MAGGI brand is used for Nestlé's Soup, Noodles, Seasonings, Recipe Mixes and Sauces.

In Bangladesh, MAGGI brand has two product categories under this strategic brand name: Noodles and Soups. As part of the brand extension and value creation objective of the company, Nestlé now is going to launch MAGGI Ketchup in Bangladeshi market. Ketchup and Sauce business of Nestle under the brand name MAGGI is very much profitable and successful in other countries specially South Asian regions like in Nestle India (10,000 tons per annum) and Nestle Malaysia (12,000 Tons per annum). In most of the countries, where MAGGI has launched its ketchup range, it has become the market leader in this category.

Following this heritage and business excellence in ketchup business, Nestlé Bangladesh is also interested to explore the business in local market. Moreover, in Bangladesh, there's a huge market for Ketchup and sauces. A very good number of players including some very strong local players are operating successfully in this market.

Now Nestle would like to launch in this segment and making a five years marketing plan.


1.2.1. Broad Objective:

To plan of launching MAGGI Ketchup in Bangladesh to grasp a major portion of market share.

1.2.2. Specific Objectives:

❑ To see the market situation and have an overview of the ketchup industry ❑ To analysis opportunity and issue
❑ To set the objectives
❑ To set marketing strategy
❑ To set financial projection and implementation controls. 3. SCOPE:

1.3 SCOPE:

Our particular report all most covers the marketing plan on MAGGI Ketchup in Bangladesh for the next five years. It shows the feasibility of launching of our product.


We are lucky enough to get a chance to prepare a report on “marketing Plan for introducing in MAGGI Ketchup in Bangladesh” We tried heart & soul to prepare a well-informed report. In spite of trying our level best, there may be some lacks in the paper. Those lacking are following:

• In the month of June, all organizations remain busy. So, the employees were too busy to answer our queries.

• It was too short time to make a overall marketing plan in only 2 weeks.

• We also faced a destruction of all our documents for wastage of the hard disk of our computer. In spite of our massive problem, we at last have tried to make it fulfilled. We beg your pardon for our unintentional delay.

Methodology consists of step by step, organized and systematic fashion to complete the entire research. It should be such that effective and efficient result should be adopted. The main objective of this report is to plan the marketing activities and its feasibility and analyzing its effectiveness. The primary information and some secondary information about the competitors were collected from Internet.




Nestle is the world’s largest food company involved in nearly every field of nutrition, with a turnover of 88 billion Swiss Francs. It is largest not only in terms of its sales but also in terms of its product range and its geographical presence. Its field of nutrition includes infant formula, milk products, chocolate and confectionery, instant coffee, ice-cream, culinary products, frozen ready-made meals, mineral water etc. Nestle is also major producer of pet food. In most of these product groups and in most markets, Nestle is the leader or at least a strong number two. Nestle is focused company with more than 94 percent of the sales coming from the food and...
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