Heineken Marketing Mix

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Marketing Plan of PEPSI
Strong Vs Weak
Executive Summary
Company Description
Mission Vision
Goals & Objectives
Core Business Area
SWOT Analysis
Industry Analysis
Marketing Mix
Target Market
Market Strategy
Marketing Environment
Points of Difference
 Organizational Chart/Department
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Marketing Plan of PEPSI
Strong Vs Weak 
Pepsi and Coca Cola are strong competitors. In Pakistan Pepsi is the market leader andCoca Cola is its competitor. But globally Coca Cola is pioneer and Pepsi is follower. ThePepsi makes defense strategies so that it can maintain its position in the market. While Page 3 of 24

Marketing Plan of PEPSI
Coca Cola is a challenger and it makes attack strategies so that it can become themarket EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
The purpose of this marketing plan is to develop an understanding about howPEPSI is marketed and distributed in the market (Product, Price, Promotion andDistribution). In this project different analysis are performed such as, Companyimage, mission statement, goals & objectives, core business areas, SWOTAnalysis, Industry Analysis, Marketing Program, target markets, MarketingStrategy, Marketing Environment, Point of Differences& Positioning  

At the end itwas discussed that what are the core marketing strategies that make PEPSI themore powerful brand. COMPANY HISTORY
Pepsi Cola International is world-well-known soft drinks brand. It is a very wellorganized multinational company, which operates in almost all over the world.They produce, one of best-carbonated drinks in the world. Pepsi is a symbol of hygiene, quality and service, all over the world. Pepsi is producing Cola for morethan 100 years, and it has dominated the world market for a long time. Its headoffice is in New York. Page 4 of 24

Marketing Plan of PEPSI
Initially Pepsi was used as cough syrup in America, and sold in pharmacy. Butthe taste of that syrup was liked by the people and then added water...
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