Heidi Roizen Case

Topics: Computer network, Startup company, Person Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: November 2, 2011
Case Assignment Summary: Heidi Roizen

The case about Heidi Roizen was very interesting to me because I can not believe how many people she is connected with or I should say networked with. I believe her networking skills had more to do with her personality, being outgoing and high-energy by nature, and that it would be difficult to have just anybody be able to pull this off. But I must say this story really opened my eyes as to how important having a network is. I personally do not have very good network skills, or even considered it important, but I do now. The greatest strength would be how efficient she is at managing her network. She established a way to keep in touch with the nuclei of other networks. This system allowed her tap into those networks, as necessary, without having to stay in close contact with every person, individually. The next strength would be her communication skills, which by the way were also very efficient. The one major weakness of Ms. Roizen’s broad network was that it was too big. People throughout the network felt that just because being part of her network, they had a personal relationship with her, and that they could just request an hour of her time. She couldn’t and there was just not enough time in the day to satisfy all the requests for investment deals while she was an internet venture capitalist. Roizen took many steps to develop her network. The first was to no so much something she did, but it was her personality. Her outgoing nature and the way she liked to make friends was a sure and easy way for her network to develop. She also pointed out that there are three things that are important in building and maintaining a network. People, how you perform and your consistency during and after each network interaction. As far a performance goes, she would get back to the person and do what she could for them, and she would be consistent with them, not doing something one way today, and a...
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