Heidi Roizen/ Building a Network

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  • Published : February 7, 2013
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Heidi Roizen/ Building a Network
In my opinion Heidi Roizen’s network is one of her greatest assets. “While other people use networks to build their business, Heidi’s business is networking. She’s very effective and uses her network to add real value.”, Randy Komisar commented on the article. Her networking skills are extremely efficient. She is really good at blending her professional with her personal networking. She always grabs the nucleus people of a network and then keeps in touch with all the people in that network. And another strength that makes Roizen’s networking successful is that she understands and pays more attention on the win-win relationship which is a core factor that differentiated her skills from others. Her style includes an unpretentious, down- to-earth, and positive personality which played an important role for her success. Additionally, as mentioned on the article by Royal Farros “Heidi is a pro at turning a brief conversation into one of substance, by contributing one or two unique ideas in a short period of time. That helps make the conversation memorable.” The downside of Roisen’s networking is that they are thousands of people that know her and in some cases people may feel they have a relationship with her, and therefore request her time for meetings. There are also some weaknesses in her networking. Her networking lacks more diversity. According to the article, she always invites the people to her party that have known half of any other people attend the party. That could potentially lead to a result that she can meet less people at one time, she could miss some important talents and opportunities. Also her networking really focuses on companies and people mostly bases in the Silicon Valley. In order to build her networking, Roizen has taken several steps. She begun building relationship with members of the press and she also attended several industry conferences and events. Later on she also decided to join the board of the...
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