Ntc 362 Week 2, Integrative Network Design Project , Part 1

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Kudler Fine Foods Network Overview


University of Phoenix

NTC 362

Upon reviewing Kudler Fine Food network, it has been determined that a major network overhaul will need to be conducted to make sure that Kudler is brought up to speed with the latest technology. This is very important because if Kudler is unable to keep up with the technological advances then the company will fall behind. Making sure that Kudler is not only able to keep up with the advances with network systems it is also important to install the proper systems so that no money is wasted. What is meant by this is that if the improper systems and storage units are installed to only handle data over the next year this is only going to force Kudler to spend more money in upgrades in the future. This is why it is vital to install the proper systems that will provide room for future network expansion without having to waste money on unnecessary upgrades. The following is a list of problem areas with the Kudler network: • 56K modems provide slow connections speeds

• Host systems at all site running Window 98 – over 10 years old • Windows NT servers are at the Delmar and Lajolla sites – over 10 years old. • The XLS servers at the Delmar and Lajolla sites are running Office 97 – over 15 years old. • The Novell Servers at the Delmar and Lajolla sites are running this was released in 1994. – over almost 20 years old. • All sites have a stand lone ups system that will need upgraded to provide a redundant power supply to support new systems.

One of the first things that were noticed was that fact that all of the sites are still running 56k modems. This is an old technology and is only hindering the speed between each site. Having the proper connection speed is vital to provide real time updates not only for the profits made each day, but providing the inventory updates on the...
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