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HSA 4180 Organization and Management of Health Agencies INSTRUCTOR: LAWRENCE J. WALTERS, MHA, FACHE Item #4 on Assignments Tab HSA 4180 – Fall 2011; Case Study #4 **Your response to this case study is due 6PM 10/30/2011 Case Study #4 Managing Healthcare Professionals: Mini-Case Studies Respond to each of the scenarios below. Please label your mini-cases. Your response may be in a word document format or in a power point format. Cover all of the issues in each case you and use good writing and presentation techniques and address the issue(s) in detail. 1. You are the CEO of Sleepy Hollow Retirement Community and Nursing Center. A resident’s family has come to you to complain that their loved one, who is on pain medication, is in intolerable pain. Her medications appear not to be working anymore. One of the family members states, “My 90-year-old mother saw the nurse put the pain medicine in her pocket.” What do you do? 2. You are a new administrator at a hospital, well know for pulmonary medicine. The physicians in the ICU, the ER, and the Department of Pulmonary Medicine have demanded to meet with you about the shortage of Respiratory Therapists. You stall them for 48 hours so you can gather data. What types of information will you need to collect to have an intelligent conversation with this powerful group of physicians? 3. Dr. White ordered an unusual dose of a medication. May Patterson, RN, sees the order and believes it to be the wrong dose. She calls Dr. White, who insists that she give the medication—as written. Nurse Patterson calls you, the administrator on call for the weekend, to resolve this crisis. What do you do?

This is an exercise in your management abilities and knowledge. It should come from your own thoughts. References are not required. Cover each situation thoroughly.

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