Health Promotion

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  • Published : March 31, 2012
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Current Health Promotion Pamphlet Analysis
The objective of creating a health promotion pamphlet is impact to constructively the health activities of the public and individuals while cultivating health awareness, attitudes, competences, and behavior. Health promotion enhances the health status and quality of life of those in the community. Awareness empowers the public to augment management on the contributing factors that affect their health and in so doing build their health through conscious participation. By focusing on prevention, health promotion pamphlets assist in the reduction of health care costs to families, individuals, employers, employees, health insurance companies, health care facilities and decrease the financial gap created in government funded health care programs throughout the nation. Health Promotion Pamphlet on Chronic Conditions

Within the United States (U.S.), chronic conditions are most prevalent on those that are uninsured. Roughly one out of every six American’s is uninsured, and the repercussions manifest themselves in diminished access to health care and poor health outcomes for this population (Pauly & Pagan, 2007). Despite a recent decline in chronic illness in adults 65 and older, chronic illness is on the rise among adults 35 to 55. Chronic health disparities in the U.S. continue to exist, especially for adults from meager and culturally sundry backgrounds and those with limited education. Because of these disparities health education has become significant in the attempt to create public awareness and save lives. Most government funded health insurance companies offer adults written materials on chronic illness. The significance of the material offers early intervention and management of the diseases while offsetting cost.

Usability Analysis of a Chronic Illness Pamphlet
Health promotion pamphlets should be written to offer maximum readability and comprehension. The Institute of Medicine reports that 90 million U.S....
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