Health Promotion

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Running Head: Health Promotion

Health Promotion
October 14, 2011

Health promotion, as defined by Edelman and Mandle, is “the science and art of helping people change their lifestyle to move toward a state of optimal health”. It is a multifaceted approach to encouraging a lifestyle change among individuals as well as the community. An important aspect of health promotion is health education. One of the main responsibilities of a nurse is to provide health teaching and health promotion, including education about healthy lifestyle choices and preventative self-care (Edelman & Mandel, 2010). Health promotion may be preformed by clinicians, health care workers, and teachers, as well as non-professionals. There are no governing bodies over health promotion, but there are best practice guidelines (Norman, 2009).

The purpose of health promotion is to provide information. When individuals are educated on improving their health, the hope is that they will become more responsible for enhancing their well-being (Edelman & Mandel, 2010). A person’s health is determined by many factors. Some such as genetics, age, and gender, are non-modifiable, while other factors like smoking, exercise, and diet are modifiable (Bennett, 2009). Providing the motivation one needs to improve their well-being and realize their health potential is a goal of health promotion (Skybo & Polivka, 2007).

Included in health promotion is health prevention. There are three levels of prevention which are important in order to prevent the development of disease and provide the nurse a starting point at which to help a person begin making positive health changes. (Edelman & Mandel, 2010). Among the three levels, there are different responsibilities between the patient and the physician (Jonas, 2009).

Primary prevention’s main purpose is to keep disease or injury from happening by removing risk factors of cause of disease. This often...
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