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Topics: Blood sugar, Family, Nutrition Pages: 5 (1846 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Diabetic Teaching Geared Towards My Haitian Father
Jennifer DuCrepin
Jacksonville University
School of Nursing

Diabetic Teaching Geared Towards My Haitian Father
My father was recently diagnosed as a diabetic and he is having a hard time managing the disease as well as my family. I decided to include some of the foods we eat in the teaching and include my whole family in the teaching process so this can be a family affair. My father is exceptionally obstinate and he requires a full team of support. As a nurse I have seen many patients undergo a great deal of growing pains which dejectedly leads to poorly managed blood sugars which leads to amputated digits and possibly death, selfishly I want my father around for a long period of time. Assessment of Learning Needs

My father is what we call old school and he will do as he pleases. When I asked my father, “What do you know about the disease daddy?”, he answered, “What disease, I just have sugar!” I was dumbfounded and my family especially my mother was shocked at his response. My father was under the misconception that he was diabetic because he had a sweet tooth which sorry to say he has passed on to me. My father is 64 years old who is 5’ 11 and weighs 205 pounds. He is taxi driver who immigrated to the United States in the 1970’s. He did not graduate from high school because he married young and worked to support his family back home. He did not like to go for checkups because he felt fine but 5 years ago he started to complain about headaches and when I finally got him to agree to see a doctor we found out he was hypertensive. Sadly, 6 months ago he was urinating frequently and losing weight and all testing came back informing us my father was a diabetic. My sisters are college graduates and they were ready to learn but my father was resistant and I deem he was unwilling to learn because he was petrified of coming across unintelligent. I also learned that a lot of people in our culture taught it was a sugar issue and that my father had no idea what the disease actually was. My father does not speak nor read English to well; however, if you phrased things in its simplistic terms he is able to comprehend. Though my mother and sisters were ready to learn my father was the opposite. He avoided me several times, nonetheless, after church one Sunday I finally got him with everyone there and engaged our family in the world of diabetic teaching.

This project started with the assessment of my father’s needs. The assessment revealed that my father needed more insight on how to manage his disease. The assessment also revealed that my family with my father motivation to cooperate with the teaching was going to be the key to him being successful managing his diabetic diagnosis. Learner Objectives

As we all sat around the kitchen table after Sunday dinner you saw my father was more receptive and my immediate family were willing participants in the learning process so my father could be more engaging in the teaching process.

After completion of this learning session the participants will be able to: 1. My family will be able listen to what is being taught and will participate in the learning process and be able to relate the teachings to their present state, for example, they will be able to say what diabetes is and what foods are the healthiest choice. My family will choice low fat milk and increase fiber in their diet. The participants will also be to take the teachings and relate it to his/her everyday life, for example, packs a lunch so he won’t be tempted to buy something in the street.

2. The participants will be able to recall what was taught and relate it to their everyday life, for example, what are the benefits of keeping active and eating brown rice verses white. They will also be able to show some choices they can make at a party, for example, if you have a small piece of cake forgo the glass of wine. The participants...
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