Health Minister of South Africa

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  • Published : February 16, 2011
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• Understand and accept the responsibility of maintaining and improving the health care system in South Africa. • Use this great opportunity to:
✓ Implement various strategies to improve the quality of life of all South African citizens. AIDS
Firstly I understand that AIDS has an extremely crippling effect on the health care system. As Minister I would first provide free ARV treatment to those suffering with the deadly virus, as many AIDS sufferers are living below the poverty threshold in this country and cannot afford treatment. Also providing universal access to ARVS would be progression to a better health care system. I would encourage and promote the research and development of possible natural remedies that would boost immunity. For example: The African Potato

I would aim to:
• Improve public hospitals and clinics as well areas most undeserved and in need. Example: rural sanitation and hygiene facilities. • Allocate more funds in the national budget for the betterment of these facilities. • Focus on working to improve the quality of care of all levels of the health care system. • Implement National Health Insurance in order to make healthcare more affordable. • Build Public Private Partnerships to improve the accessibility and availability of medication. • Implement effective social policies that will provide assistance and protection for all orphans and vulnerable children in underprivileged areas. • Promote the health, cultural, science, environmental and socio economic benefits to be derived from the development and sustainable use of South African indigenous medicinal plants such as The Devils Claw.

In conclusion if I were Minister of Health in South Africa I would do everything in my power to improve the healthcare system. I would devote my time to the betterment and...
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