Health information exchange

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  • Published: January 28, 2014
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Devry University

Health Information Exchange

Table of Contents

Cover Page: Page 1
Table of contents: Page 2
Introduction of HIE: Page3
Outline US History of HIE: Page 4-5
Benefits of HIE: Page 5-6
Privacy and Security: Page 6-7
Challenges: Page 7-8
Conclusion: Page 8
Works Cited: Page 9

In 1990 Hartford Foundation funds, “Community Health Management Information Systems.” They gave grants to seven states and cities to develop those early prototype HIE’s. HIE focuses on quality assessments and cost reduction by streamlining patient eligibility information for billing. The problems of HIE are immature technology including slow internet connections and data integration. By the mid 1990’s Community Health Information Networks focused on cost savings associated with moving data between providers, decentralized architecture to address privacy concerns. Most CHIN’s failed at this. Between 1990-2001 the Institute of Medicine reports on patient safety and quality. In 2005 HIE Networks’ principals Dr. Dan Kaelin and Allen Byington establish the Big Bend Regional Healthcare Information Organization and form a board of directors comprised of industry leaders in the North Florida healthcare field. BBRHIO is awarded $810,375 in grant funding from the Agency for Health Care Administration FHIN Grants Program, plus stakeholders donate over $1 million of in-kind products and services to develop a community health information exchange in 2006. Also in 2006 the BBRHIO board completes an extensive RFP process to find a local-provider-driven HIE solution. The subsequent national vendor search produced no viable off-the-self products and Avocare is contracted to develop customized software for the HIE infrastructure. The following year 2007, BBRHIO launches, a secure website with live data feeds from physicians and hospitals to be used by credentialed health care providers to share patient records and communicate electronically....
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