Health Care Technology Improvements

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Health Care Technology Improvements

Changes in health care facilities can make or break our future in society. Because of these major changes, people stand stronger chances to survive chronic illnesses and diseases. The future promises a cure for cancers, diabetes, and HIV/AIDS. In order for this to take place the world will have to adapt to the new technologies and set higher standards in health care. As a result, health care facilities have significantly improved in terms of technology, medications, and procedures.

Over the years, society has made an improvement on the technology developments. It is said that by the year 2020, healthcare will have robots providing care and assisting in surgeries. Due to the baby boom generation it is difficult to fund all of the technology developments taking place, but healthcare is seeking to find new ways to fund the cost of healthcare technology.

Robotics for Healthcare
One of the many ways these advancements have improved the lives of patients is by the development of new technology. Through out the new developments in health care facilities, we now have robotics. Many people conclude that a robot literally functions for them, although this is not their sole function. The facilities have robot –assisted mental, cognitive and social therapy, patient monitoring systems, and therapy robots. Patients with disabilities and patients with dementia can use this new robot assistant to help them cope through their daily cognitive challenges. Results can be expected in terms of developing basic social skills, play games, and adapt to that patients social needs and wants (“Robotics for Health care”). For example, a child with autism has a robot that provokes playful reactions with therapeutic effects. Robotics holds the promise of addressing some major health care issues.

Another way technology has improved significantly in health care is by the use of EKG’s. An EKG is a test that reads the electrical pulses that are tracked through waves. The test detects unexplained chest pain, symptoms of heart disease, and will check medications the patient is currently on to detect heart defects. EKG equipment is portable; therefore, the test can be transported almost anywhere, and “the test only takes up to 5-10 minutes to complete (“Parks, Electrocardiogram”). Afterward, it will only take up to 5-10 days to read and receive results. Therefore, the Electrocardiogram machine is a very effective and fast way to monitor our heart and the activity around it as well.

PDA Systems
The use of personal data assistants (PDA’s) has evolved from an appointment book and calendar to the use of comprehensive method programs for accessing health care databases and other patient information programs. Software companies have flooded the health care profession with applications that check for drug interactions, calculate dosages, analyze lab results, schedule procedures, order prescriptions, and automate other clinical tasks, thus reducing the probability of errors and increasing patient safety. This new invention has had the ability to enable reference books and paperback copies (“Information Technology: Advancements in Health care”). Also, it would be easier to lose the hard paper back copies. In contrast, PDA systems in the health care automatically save data into their systems, so a patients profile can be uploaded anywhere, and anytime in the health care facility.

Recently in health care, major improvements in the medication system has taken place. Due to the new inventions in technology, this has also led the medication system in health care to create a new way to prioritize and link diseases to cures with medications. Therefore, the future of medicine and the systems that support medicine are crucial to save a patients’ life.

Medication Improvement System
The first invention is called a Medication Management Improvement System....
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