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Manage Continuous Organisational ImprovementUnit Level: QCF 7 BTEC Professional (EDSML)| [|

1.0 Introduction2
Task 012
1.1 Analyze Features of any Healthcare Organization which Encourages2
1.2 Analyze Leadership and management styles that facilitate continuous improvement3
1.3 Analyze features of a Learning Organization4
1.4 Analyze approaches to introduce and embed changes within St Christopher’s Care Home6
1.5 Analyze Approaches to Quality Improvement.7
Task 029
2.1 Assess sources of information likely to identify opportunities9
2.2 Analyze information to identify areas for improvement.10
2.3 Assess the impact of proposed changes to organizational activities in St Christopher’s11
2.4 Evaluate proposed changes to organizational activities12 Task 0313
3.1 Determine changes required to introduce improvements to organizational activities13
3.2 Agree proposed changes with stakeholders St Christopher’s Care Home13
3.3 Produce a plan for the proposed changes and communicate to stakeholders14
3.4 Design systems and procedures to support the changes in St Christopher’s Care Home15
3.5 Review the change process for St Christopher’s Care Home16 Reference:17

1.0 Introduction

This assignment is based on the one of the leading care home at the United Kingdom known as St Christopher’s Care home, leading Care home based in London aimed at providing skilled and kindhearted calming care services. The organization provides numerous health care services to their clients with allied team of health professionals whilst paying attention on the continuous improvement (

Task 01
1.1 Analyze Features of any Healthcare Organization which Encourages and Allows Continuous Improvement Continuous improvement is an ongoing effort to improve products, services or processes. These efforts can seek “incremental” improvement over time or “breakthrough” improvement all at once (Imai,2009).Nature of healthcare organizations including hospitals, care homes, nursing homes, care home, health plans and many other healthcare facilities are ever-changing in a faster trend. Quality of healthcare organizations heavily depends on the relationship between the patients and care takers, which is quite complex and difficult to manage. In order to ensure continuous improvement, the organizations have to learn from other successful industries play in the marketplace. Following features will encourage continuous improvement in St Christopher’s Care home at a wider dimension (, 2012).

* Leadership-Organizational culture which is leadership supportive, innovative and risk taking will always encourage and confront quality changes. St Christopher’s performs with a significant number of care staff, mostly work on team basis. * Clearly defined aims for Improvement-St Christopher’s Care home has a clear aim of being the best care home in the UK while adding more quality and technological aspects towards it. Hence a document called ‘Advanced care plan’ has been given to almost all the service providers which indicate future aims, targets and goals and the expected levels of services. * Commitment towards reduction in errors and increase in safety aspects within the organization-Minimizing frauds, errors as well as wastes are important criterion in St Christopher’s Care home, which required highly employee and patient’s commitment to achieve the success thereof. Therefore management concentration is essential; mostly comes in the form of internal auditing. * Assured employee motivation in terms of comprehensive training and development opportunities with clearly defined work plans and job descriptions * Strong long-term relationships with stakeholders, especially with fund donators * Continuous management and leadership eye on the quality of services provided by the care home 1.2 Analyze Leadership and management styles that...
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