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  • Published : March 24, 2013
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Relative Clauses and Pronouns Practice Key. ♥
I. Choose correct answer or answers.♦

|0 |1 |

III. Puntuating adjective clauses.☺
|No. |No. | |Yes... Bogota, which is the capital of Colombia , is a cosmopolitan city. |Yes... Larry was close to his only brother, who was a famous social historian. | |Yes... Emeralds, which are valuable gemstones, are minded in Colombia. |No. | |Yes... The company offered the position to John , whose department performed best|No. | |this year. |Yes... A typhoon, which is a violent tropical storm , can cause great | |No. |destruction. |

IV.Combine the sentences. Use the second sentence as an adjective clause. ♫ 1. I received two job offers, neither of them which I accepted. 2. I have three brother, two of whom are professional athletes. 3. Jerry is engaged in several business ventures, only one of which is profitable. 4. The USA is a union of fifty states, the majority of which are located east of the Mississippi River. 5. The two women, both of whom are changing careers, have already dissolved their business partnership. 6. John Quincy Adams, the sixth president if the US, was born on July 11, 1767. 7. Two languages, Finnish and Swedish, are used in Helsinki, the capital of Finland. 8. Honolulu,...
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