Grammar: Punctuation and Sentence Cs= Comma

Topics: Punctuation, Noun, Grammar Pages: 2 (457 words) Published: April 13, 2013
ENGL 101
March 22, 2013
Grammar #2 Grammar Test
Respond to the following:
1. A noun is a:
* a person, a place, or a thing (an idea is also a thing) 2. List the conjunctions/FANBOYS:
* For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So

Identify the following as: FRAG, CS, R-O, or C
(Frag= fragment/incomplete sentence CS= comma splice R-O = run-on sentence C= correct = no errors) 3. When you see her. You will know why I love her.
* Frag
4. Carolyn doesn’t like her first class so she is always late for it. * R-O
5. Three times a week isn’t enough; you have to exercise daily. * C
6. The Savoy Hotel, a palace-like structure that sits on the corner of Rockley and Main. * Frag
7. Jake bought a burger, two orders of fries, and a coke, he was starving. * CS
8. My cat, Jasper, will cry and cry until I feed him his dinner. * C
9. You have got to be joking when you say that cost only 50 dollars. * C
10. You should come with us; I’d love to have you meet Erin, and Paul will be there too. * C

Are the following sentences correct or do they have errors (incorrect)? (Mark each as C or IC.)
11. I’ll take two, one for me and one for Sue to.
* IC
12. There is no way they’re coming with us.
* C
13. Give those to pens to Sylvia please.
* IC
14. They need their keys back.
* C

Respond to the following:
15. What does a verb do?
* Verb show the action or state of being of the subject of the sentence. 16. Give me one of the definitions of the subject of a sentence: * The subject of a sentence is the topic of the sentence, a noun or pronoun, and the word doing the action of the verb. 17. List all punctuation forms that you can replace a period with. * Question Mark, Exclamation Mark, Semi-colon, Comma + conjunction 18. What is a fragment?

* They are incomplete sentences. A fragment happens when we put a period or a semicolon in the wrong place, so that instead of having subject + verb...
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