Health and Safety: Questions and Answers

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  • Published : November 10, 2011
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1. HOW MIGHT YOUR OWN VALUES IN RELATION TO HEALTH AND HYGEINE DIFFER FROM YOUR CLIENT’S AND HOW WOULD YOU DEAL WITH THIS? I will make the individual understand what their choices are and what might be the outcome. If they prefer something in their own way ,i will have to deal with it and provide them the best.

2. WHAT CONFLITS MIGHT ARISE BETWEEN YOUR CLIENT CHOICE AND GOOD HYGEINE PRACTICES? The clients might not be willing to practice their personal hygiene because they might not be in the mood and this may deteriorate their hygiene and health. 3. WHAT EFFECTS MAY PERSONAL BELIEFS AND PREFERENCES HAVE ON CLEANSING AND TOILETING FOR A CLIENT? The clients might not have the same beliefs as me and if I impose my preferences on them, they might get more confused or agitated. For example, if they are not used to brush their teeth first thing in the morning, I must respect their choice. 4. WHAT ARE KEY CHANGES IN CONDITIONS OF THE CLIENTS YOU WORK WITH? They have mood swings. They can be happy at one time but suddenly appear disturbed by something. They can be more or less confused at times. They might get agitated for unknown reasons. 5. HOW DO YOU PREVENT INFECTION AND WHY IS INFECTION CONTROL IMPORTANT? To prevent infection, I always wear appropriate gloves and aprons (blue for serving food and white for washing or toileting). I always wash my hands before and after using the toilet or handling food. I always use appropriate laundry bags for different types of clothes. Infection control is important in order to prevent disease from spreading. 6. WHY SHOULD YOU MAINTAIN THE PERSONAL HYGEINE OF YOUR CLIENTS? To prevent unnecessary infections, pains or prolonged damage (for example, their gum if not washed properly). 7. WHY SHOULD YOU EXPLAIN TO YOUR CLIENTS WHY YOU WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING (GLOVES/APRON)? So that they know I am wearing these for a good reason and prevent them from having negative thoughts (for example, their ego might make...
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