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  • Published : December 21, 2012
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My Company

My Company is Associated Motorways Limited (AMW) established in 1949 as a family owned business enterprise, In 2008 which was acquired by ALFUTAN multinational company. Last year recorded an annual turnover of Rs. 1.5 Billion and group turnover (Sri Lanka) of over Rs. 24 Billion.(Annual Report 2010) Company is engaged in trading and in the manufacture of rubber products mainly for transport industry. See the Figure (1 ).


Figure (1) Group Structure

In here Manufacturing section will be discussed more here because it is the my scope & two factories are located at Kalutara & Anuradhapura. See figure (2) Associated Motorways limited history proves that they were the pioneers in the use of several technologies namely tyre retreading technology, pneumatic tyre technology, solid tyre technology & rubber products Moulding Technology. See the Figure (3)

Last 60 yeas period AMW accounted for several Technological capabilities in flowed to Sri Lanka through Joint Ventures which will contribute more to the National economy. Solid Tyre Industry has become the highest foreign exchange earner in Sri Lanka’s rubber industry & has grown to be the world’s largest solid tyre industry. Annual Survey of Industries in Sri Lanka , Dept of Census & Statistics – 2004) reveal that Productivity Indicator Added value content Avg. % is the highest in Rubber product.See Table (1).AMW was the Solid Tyre Technology introducer to the Sri Lanka in 1980 through the JV with Buggougnan Bendex ,Belgjium.The pneumatic tyre Technology was also introduced to Sri Lanka in 1958 by JV with the AMW & Inoue Rubber Industry Japan.


Figure (2) Factory Location

Figure (3) Organization Structure of the Manufacturing Section


|Sub Sector |Productivity Indicator Added value | | |content Avg. % | |Petroleum Refinery |25.7 | |Food Manufacturer |36.9 | |Wearing Apparel |47.8 | |Pottery, China, Earth ware |57.2 | |Rubber Products |66.8 | |Total Manufacturing Industry |48.7 |

Annual Survey of Industries, Dept of Census & Statistics – 2004) What is Technology & Technology Management?

“Technology is a game a game for rich a dream for the poor, key for the wise”(Nawaz Sharif) Therefore managing the technology is play critical roll in modern competitive world. “TechnologyManagement is the ultimate battleground that will determine which companies & owners will be the winner & losers in the wealth creation game” (Norma Harrison and Danny Samson, 2002) Technological benefits are to Man, Society, Production, Industry, Nation, Nature & finally to world.

What is the Technology Assessment?

Technology Assessment can be viewed as developing ways & means of mitigating problems created by current technological applications. The modern concept of Technical Assessment include not only the minimization of negative effects Technology & the development of Environmental sound technology but also the maximization of positive effects consistent with the surrounding.

What is the Technology Transfer?
The movement of technology from one entity to another, and if the transfer is successful,...