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What is the “Big Deal” about Net Neutrality Assignment Instructions | Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is for you to:1.  become familiar with Net Neutrality.2.  identify the impact of Net Neutrality on your daily life and use of the Internet.3.  identify why people are for it and others oppose it.4.  formulate your own opinion about Net Neutrality.Directions: Follow the step-by-step instructions and use Microsoft Word to respond to the questions below. Your response to questions one, two, and three should collectively be no less than 200 words (The word count excludes the text for the questions). All answers must be original – NO copy and pasting from websites! Also, you must also include in-text citations and cite any sources on a reference page using proper MLA or APA format.Complete a word count and post it on the bottom of the document. Be sure to indicate your name and date at the top of the document. |  Directions to complete the assignment: Use MS Word to answer the questions. Submit the assignment to the drop box.Enter the following at the top and center of the first page Submit the assignment using assignment drop box link Net Neutrality.| Step One: Go to the websites listed below and watch the six “Net Neutrality” videos.You must first watch the videos to respond to the questions at the end of this document. Oppose Net Neutrality:ATT&T President’s Address - (A commercial plays first.)Hand’s Off the Internet Commercial - (Video will load automatically.) Support Net Neutrality:Save the Internet : Fighting for Internet Freedom - (On YouTube.)Humanity Lobotomy - Second Draft- (On YouTube.)Tim Berners-Lee* Opinion - (On YouTube) *The person who invented the World Wide Web.    |  Net Neutrality - PBS NOW -...
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