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  • Published : September 16, 2012
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* What is the relationship between Red Cross’s culture and ethical decision-making? *
* Red Cross has to be open to all the different cultures because it is an worldwide organization that helps everyone when disasters hit. When it comes down to their decision-making the Board of Governors, they get together annually to discuss everything that is happening and information that has been brought to their attention from outside sources. Currently they have a Code of Business Ethics and Conduct document that all employees and volunteers must read and sign a document that states they agree with the terms. According to "American Red Cross Code of Business Ethics and Conduct" (2009), “The Red Cross has traditionally demanded and received the highest ethical performance from its employees and volunteers.” They hold everyone to these standards therefore they know there are not any issues, if issues arise the Office of the General Counsel and the Office of Investigations, Compliance, and Ethics look into the issues and further actions may be taken if any foul play has occurred. (American Red Cross Code of Business Ethics and Conduct, 2009) The American Red Cross has the Whistleblower Hotline, this is where people can communicate their concerns with people being unethical and there is an hotline that they can call if need be. There is a standard that they all are held at and if they do not they are held accountable for their actions but the American Red Cross is always looking to hear what people have to say in all aspects of their organization. *

* Is it important that the Red Cross’s ethical values support your ethical values? Explain.

To a point it is important that an individual’s ethical values support Red Cross’s ethical values instead of the other way around. With how Red Cross in a worldwide company that helps when disasters hit it has many people who volunteer to help out. They deal with people that have all different kinds of ethical...
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