Has Sience and Technologies Improved the Quality of Your Life? Has It Made Life Easier for You?

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  • Published : July 3, 2011
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Has Science And Technology Improved The Quality of Your Life ? Has it Made Life Easier For You?

What is technology? Technology is a successful result of the latest scientific developments. Technology is derived from scientific researches and advancements. As the years have gone by, technology have progressed and we have been able to live our lives a whole lot easier. However, many do not realize how much science and technology play a key role in improving quality of life and making life easier for us.

Moreover, even my own daily life changed for the better because of scientific and technological advances, such as the aspect of communication. The introduction of cell phones have made communication fast and efficient in today`s world. It`s very obvious that most of us cannot go a day without talking or texting to our friends and family on our phones. Besides that, the cell phones nowadays are built up with wide coverage of applications. I can browse the internet, e-mailing, skyping and even facebooking in my mobile phone. On the other hand, cell phones are also portable .

The fast developing technology also has lead to the introduction of mobile devices such as cars, motorbikes, buses, air planes, monorails , etcetera. With the presence of car and motorbike I can travel to many places in or out of town conveniently in a short period of time such college, library, shopping mall, temples, etcetera. Besides that, I can be able to travel to other countries around the globe by aeroplanes. With today`s latest technology setup in the cockpit we can arrive to our destination safely with least work for the pilot .

On the other hand, internet access is widely used around the globe for the purpose of education. Students of today`s generation goes to institutions with laptops instead of books. Higher Learning Institution such as colleges and university provides facilities such Wi-fi, so that students can access the internet and gather information on the field of...
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