Life with Tecnology, Means Losing Touch

Topics: Human, Science, Television Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: July 28, 2012
Technology means, application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes. But is this latest scientific knowledge and advanced technology is used by humans for useful purposes. It might be “Yes” for many reasons but on the other hand this technology is also use for futile purposes. Television, computer, internet etc all are blessings of science and technology. The latest technology has great impact on Technology, what does technology means; technology literally means the modern human life. In fact this technology has provided us with an absolute altered state.

If we conceive life without technology as it was few years before we feel that life was much more comfortable. Man used to keep in touch with each other, spend time with family, friends and familiars. Life was free from mind-numbing inventions and people were living life in an easier and simpler way. In the present era advanced technology has made human life complicated to some extent.

I would make the above facts comprehensible to the readers by some illustrations. Television, for instant, is gift of technology. But television has some negative influence on a person’s life. Television makes viewers passive. TV discourages communication. Families watching TV do very little talking except for brief exchanges during commercials. In this way TV weakens relationships by reducing opportunities for communication. Worst of all TV presents a false picture of reality that leaves viewers frustrated because they do not have the beauty or wealth of the characters on TV. The material possessions on TV shows and commercials contribute to the false image of reality. From their modest apartments, many viewers daily tune in to the upper- middle -class world that TV glorifies. When a person watches TV his mind goes into a hypnotic trance. In other words, TV makes us lose touch with reality.

Now another unbelievable and extra ordinary invention of technology is...
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