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Hi Group D,

Here is my response to the Case Study:

1) 5 steps:

i)Idea Generation- Harvey's wanted to create Canada's best selling hamburger.

ii) Build a Business Case- Harvey's used market analysis by polling burger lovers across Canada (telephone and focus groups).

iii) Development-Feedback from the market analysis led to the concept to create a burger that was thicker, juicier, chewier, and tastier. They brought in chef Michael Bonacini to produce a burger that could survive the fast food process. They designed 12 different samples of burgers in which three were chosen. Also various seasonings were tested.

iv)Production Process Design-A 500lb batch of burgers would be tasted over a 4 week period to see how the flavours would change. The burgers were tested in Calgary, Sudbury, and Quebec. Five more adjustments had to be made to the amounts and mixing time of the ingredients.

v) Launch-On September 16, 1996 the Ultra burger was launched and resulted in record sales.

2)The other concept that Harvey’s used was Quality Function Development. This is a structured approach for integrating the voice of the customer into the product. Listening to and understanding the customer is the central feature of QFD. By utilizing QFD, Harvey’s was able to create a burger that resulted in record sales.

3)House of Quality Table

| | Technical Requirements| Mechanically Produced| Frozen For Weeks| Competition | | Customer Requirements Importance| | | | |
Customer Requirements| | | | | |
Thicker| 2| | | | |
Juicier| 2| | | | |
Chewier| 2| | | | |
Taster| 3| | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |
| | | | | |

Note: Customer requirement importance (3 is the most important) Relationships:
Strong =9
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