Topics: Comedy, Humour, American films Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Mary Chase’s one hit wonder Harvey was quite the heart warmer. Not only does it warm the heart but it also tires the belly from laughing. I would say that Harvey is a comedy of manners and contains a hint of low comedy throughout the play. Harvey is a comedy of manners because there is a little comedy of ideas that fits in that category. In a way it is funny how Elwood P. Dowd is living his life in contrast tot eh rest of society. Everyone but him finds his life and interests, specifically Harvey, very peculiar. It is funny to see everyone’s reactions to Elwood. I also think that there are certain scenes when low comedy is present. For example, when Veta Louise brings Elwood to Chumley’s Rest and Dr. Sanderson mistakes Veta as the crazy one. That scene is just a total misunderstanding and mix up. It’s very humorous to watch because the audience knows exactly what is going on. I relate most to the taxi driver. I would like to think that I'm like Elwood, but let’s be honest, I don’t have a pooka following me around and I don’t invite “strangers” to dinner every night. I think I am most like the taxi driver because I like the crazy in people. If someone always acts a certain more peculiar kind of way but are happy at the same time, I say let it be. After watching Harvey all the way through I think that the overall meaning behind the story is “what do we mean by crazy”. Elwood P. Dowd was considered crazy up until the last scene really. His friends and family had figured out that just because he sees and talks to an invisible 6’3’’ white rabbit doesn’t mean he is insane. Elwood was always happy and leaving people happier upon meeting him and being with him. The play makes one think if being happy and taking seeing past het reality of things is considered crazy then what and who isn’t? I loved this play and can say that is my favorite quote from Elwood, “In this world, you must be oh so smart, or oh so pleasant. Well, for years I was smart. I...
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