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Topics: The A-Team Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Brian Rivera
February 13, 2012
BMGT 364

Why does the Varsity team lose to the JV team?
There were many reasons why the Varsity team began losing to the JV team. It initially started when Coach P. finalized the teams, and soon raced against one another. In their first exhibition run, as expected the Varsity prevailed, but there were a few members of the varsity team that were not satisfied with the win. Rather than brainstorming ways they could do to improve as team, they were very egotistic in their ways, and because they were the best out of the bunch, they should have won by a larger margin. Also, the JV had this mind set of having nothing to lose; this alone gave the team the drive to be better as a team which essentially made them faster and more in sync, unlike the Varsity team. While the JV team is helping one another out, the Varsity continued pointing fingers at one another claiming that it was another teammates fault for being in the position they are in, and saying things along the line of “I’ve been carrying this boat alone.” Not only does that make you arrogant, it makes the rest of team feel as if their efforts are not good enough help the team reach their goals. Rather than conforming to one another’s faults, like the JV was doing, Varsity was doing the complete opposite out of frustration.

What should Coach P. have done differently earlier in the season to resolve this problem? At exactly what point should he have intervened differently? In the reading, it stated that there are four distinct categories that are of importance when it comes to rowing. The first one being strength and condition, the second was rowing technique; the third was psychological dimension and lastly was the program’s organization. These categories change with the amount of experience the coach has. The master, most experience coach, worries more about the physiological factors while the lower experienced coaches focused on the other three concerning issues. With...
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