Harry Potter

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The Chrysalids by John Wyndham is an exhilarating story set in the future, which is post-apocalyptic world where a nuclear disaster has possible happened, so some people and plants have mutations. Most of the people are strictly religious believing that the mutants are not a true image of God, therefore need to be eliminated. David Strorm is a boy that grows up in a place called Waknuk, and he is able to communicate with people telepathically. David has been able to find others just like him, and they accept him. However David needs to keep this a secret from certain members of his family, such as his father, since he despises it, and will simply not accept it. David and the others will have to go through many obstacles in order to find a safer place for them to stay.

Protagonist and Conflict

P1 Protagonist + Dynamics
The protagonist of this story is David. Firstly, David is trustworthy and reliable. When he saw that Sophie’s foot was stuck on the ground he helped her without a second thought. Even when he saw that she had six toes, an abnormality that could have had her killed, he made sure not to tell anyone. What makes David a protective person is his little sister Petra. He made sure to keep her safe even from the Fringes, and their own father, since she posses the same power as David. He was also kind to Sophie, since he wanted to go with her when she and her family had to run away “please can‘t I come top?” he says as the prepare to leave. The character of David Strorm is a dynamic character, since he changes from a boy who knew nothing of the world to learning what its really like for other people, as in the life of the Fringe people. Furthermore he learns the hard times that they have to go through.

P2 Challenges + Conflicts
There are many challenges and conflicts that David had gone through out the entire novel. The first being the choice between telling someone, such as his strict father,...
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