Harry Harlow

Topics: Harry Harlow, Psychology, Abraham Maslow Pages: 1 (334 words) Published: November 6, 2010
Harry Harlow was born on October 31, 1905 and died December 6, 1981. He was an American Psychologist best known for work on maternal seperation and social isolation experiements on monkeys. Harlow grew up in Fairfield, Iowa. He was born as Harry Israel, only after receiving his PHD did he change his name to Harry Harlow. He was married twice with 2 children from each marriage. Harry received his Ph.D and his BA from Stanford University. He received numerous awards including the Howard Crosby Warren Medal in 1956. The National Medal of Science in 1967 and theGold Medal from the A merican Psychological Foundation in 1973. Harry worked with Abraham Maslow at Wisconsin Regional Primate Lab. Harlow was intrigued by love. In 1957 Harlow worked with rhesus monkeys, which are more mature at birth than humans are but like human babies need to be nursed. He took infant monkeys away from their mothers and gave them 2 artificial mothers. One made of cloth and one of wire. The monkeys preferred the softer mother .When the cloth mother had bottles the monkeys would never go to the wire mother even though she had food too. Harlow never regreted the damage he did to the monkeys. He thought his research would save many children from abuse. He wanted to discover the secrets of love through his research. He thought the love between a mother and child was through feeding. Harlows theories raised more questions than other researchers would deal with. Harlow also conducted studies on the behavior of prisoners in the Korean War. In 1960 he received the Distinguished Scientific Contribution award. He served many years as the editor of the Journal of Comparative and Physiological Psychology. Harry retired in 1973 and then died of Parksinson disease.

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