Happy Sad and Bold

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Structural Steel Today Structural Steel Framing Solutions for Multi-Story Residential Buildings Building Tomorrow's Parking Structures Today Project Profiles Cologne/Bonn Airport Fashion Square Retail Center Jefferson at Lenox Park John F. Kennedy International Airport Mystic Marriott Hotel & Spa Newark International Airport Nortel Networks Portland International Airport Winthrop University Hospital

PART I Basic Structural Engineering Understanding Load Flow Types of Basic Lateral Systems Beam Web Penetrations Thermal Movement of Structural Steel Floor Vibration PART II Protecting Structural Steel Guide to Coatings Technology Basics of Protective Coatings Composition of Coatings Types of Coatings Painting Guides Special Purpose Coating Systems Paint Systems Surface Preparation Other Substrates Use of Protective Coatings Evaluation of Existing Coating for Overcoating Coating Test Methods and Procedures Surface Preparation for Overcoating Systems Quality Assurance Evaluation of Performance Requirements for Coating Systems Protecting Substrates from Corrosion Economics Inspection Coating References Sample Painting Guide Specifications


Fire Protection General Factors Fire Protection Materials Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Assemblies Restrained and Unrestrained Construction Architecturally Exposed Steel Rational Fire Design Based on Fire Engineering PART III Determining Member Sizes for Detailing Determining Girder and Beam Sizes for Floors & Roofs Determining Interior Column Sizes PART IV Miscellaneous Bending and Shaping of Structural Members Welding Symbols and Appearance of Exposed Welded Connections Latest Code Provisions for Architecturally Exposed Structural Steel

W-, S-, C-, MC-, HP-, M-Shapes and Angles Structural Tees (WT-, MT- and ST-Shapes) Hollow Structural Sections (HSS) and Pipe Plates and Bars

General Considerations Detailing Considerations for Masonry Detailing Considerations for Precast Concrete Panels Detailing Considerations for Limestone Panels Detailing Considerations for Thin Stone Veneer Panels Detailing Considerations for Window Wall Enclosure Systems Detailing Considerations for Floor/Ceiling...
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